Exporting for IGTV - Can't publish

Hello all! I’m trying to export videos for IGTV. I did the aspect ratio 9:16, video looks good when I export it, but Instagram wont let me add it to my IGTV. I can upload to Insta, I can play it, but as soon as I hit “Publish”, I have and error message on a red bar in the middle of my video sayin’ Instagram was unable to Publish.

Is it bad export settings? Thanks!

9:16 sounds backwards unless the video is vertical? what export preset did you select?

Yes, it’s vertical for IGTV.
I use H.264 Baseline

From IGTV’s help page: https://help.instagram.com/1038071743007909

While you didn’t state any of the Source/Eported file specifications, other than exported resolution size, I’m suspecting you used a different fps other than 30fps/60fps.

If the original source file you first imported 29.97 fps, and you left the Video Mode on Automatic, you probably have a video at 29.97 fps, instead at 30.

It’s very vital to start with the video mode you need for your project.

If you are going into advanced and changed settings, possibly.

Here is one of many site dedicated to informing you of the best setting for Instagram, but not sure how accurate it is for IGTV? Never heard of IGTV until this post. Yes, I live under a rock!! :wink: https://dustn.tv/instagram-sizes/ Perhaps your resolution size is not quite to standard.

You are going to have to make a custom Video Mode before you start your project. Once you create a custom video mode, it will remain in Shotcut until you change it again. Settings - Video Mode - Custom Video Mode.

Makes two of us.:grinning:
Did some research and although another streaming/video sharing platform is not a bad idea,
the 9X16 format is a terrible idea.
It means we will be subject to close up shots of people in our faces or two shots or wides that simply don’t work as everything will be tiny.
Not to mention that pretty much all that can be used to film are mobile phones or using camcoders held at 90 degrees.
Wonder which “genius” thought that 9X16 would be good.

IG is unfortunately all portrait which is just terrible. it was built for phones though so 9x16 makes sense

Don’t completely agree with you, after all between Youtube, Vimeo and a host of other platforms with billions of videos all opted for 16X9.
Bet that mobile users make up a large percentage of the views.
Answer is simple, rotate your phone and get a whole lot more “real estate” and the content looks better too as there is more scope for a wider range of shots.
Editing is easier in 16X9 and also lends itself to a greater range of cameras.

I can’t think of one redeeming factor for using 9X16

none of those platforms were phone first though, youtube is old, and vimeo is targets at pro/semi-pro use. IG started as an app on your phone for sharing your selfies so it’s whole works is built around how you hole your phone. I agree however 9x16 is terrible for anything(although I keep a portrait monitor next to my main one for some applications.

Fair enough, one possible use would be advertising screens in shopping malls where going for 6X19 makes sense…for everything else there is…16X9 :grinning:

I’ve had to build stuff like that for work, honestly I want non curved 32:9 panels for pillars and such where 16:9 stars getting too wide and hanging in the walkway but I haven’t been able to find them easily yet.

Non curved 32:9 screens are like hen’s teeth.
Only companies I know of that sell them are Samung, Philips and Dell, however you may find that both Dell and Philips are just using Samsung panels.

Since the price of 16:9 (non 4K and non “smart TV” ) sets have come down immensely, it’s often much, much cheaper just getting multiple 16:9 screens, space permitting of course.

agreed with that, although with what we typically have(one sign to one player) a single screen is ideal. I’ll have to check on those again I wasn’t aware Philips was making 32:9

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