Exporting file stops at 87% every time!

Why are my videos getting stuck at 87%. Tried several times, left it over night, all the times that I tried it gets stuck at 87%. Not sure what else to do, I use this computer just for this program, so other than default; there are no other programs installed. Specs: 250 gig hard drive with 8 gig ram. Please advise…thanks!

That really doesn’t tell anyone anything about your computer other than storage and memory. :wink:

Also, have you tried disabling some or all of the filters you’ve used and tried switching on or off GPU processing and trying the other display mode?

Do a copy of your mtl file.
Then erase the clips at 87% of your project and try again

checking for gaps in timeline too

Try turning off parallel processing. I have problems with “Fail to Export”. Turning off parallel processing fixes this problem.

I agree with Woodbuilder. Parallel processing is by far the likeliest culprit. It fails almost every time with my i7. And options are not saved with the project so that when you re-open a project, Parallel is checked again as Interpolation is reset to Bilinear instead of Lanczos.

What you may try is to do less edits before processing and not try to do the entire video in one pass using shotcut. 8GB is not as big as it used to be. Also 250 gb drive (But how full) 8gig ram same how full is that. Just a few things to look at also I shouldda all over myself as I noticed this post is close to five years old OOPS. Well I’m looking to see if I can find just where all the storage is on my drives as my boot drive is only 128GB and by todays standards that is TINY. :frowning:

I’m on a Windows system and use Wiztree to do this: https://diskanalyzer.com/

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Weird I have to read things more than once these days. Thank you Elusien for turning me onto Diskanalyzer.com/ I’ll have to check them out. Windows system here also. So far I’ve been resaving SHOTCUT project files in each of the respective project folders. And then when I go to move them I know that it messes with Shotcut, but it works for me. It is a great program. Thanks for Wiztree reference. :smile:

Wiztree is very good at quickly seeing were your disk space is mostly used. Without it it can take hours and you spend a lot of time deleting very small files, while Wiztree allows you to see at a glance those big files that you can delete (or move to an external USB disk) and so free up space much much more quickly.

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