Exporting fail but final videos is ok to upload to youtube or igtv

My surprise shotcut said failed to export but for curiousity I tried and video is ok to play upload and not error for youtube or igtv :slight_smile:


I have experienced this a few times too.
Every now and again (not very often), it reports the export failed but it did export fine.

When I see that now, I just ignore it and check the export.

The background program for exporting - qmelt - sometimes crashes when cleaning itself up. It is not really necessary for a program to clean up after itself in the case of open files or memory. The operating system will take care if it. Temporary files is another matter, but the background export program qmelt rarely does this (on the other hand, Shotcut does). In any case, we do tell qmelt not to bother trying to clean up, but it is inevitable that some things will that are more difficult to command in software internals.

If you get a failure like this near the end, open the file in Shotcut. If it opens, go to Properties > menu > Start Integrity Check Job. Next, see the Jobs panel. If the Job fails, double-click it to view the log and see errors.

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