Exporting error

So i want to export a video but when i clicked export then it said something like ‘‘error/failure’’ i reinstalled it but still nothing, but around week ago an antyvirus detected a problem so i stupidly clicked something that i think made me unable to export, but i dont remember what that was. Anything to fix this?

It is usually good practice to identify your operating system and Shotcut version when asking for help (at a bare minimum). Also, please attach the log file (view → application log) and the project mlt that is failing (use the upload button to attach these when composing your reply).

I’m going to assume Windows at this stage, so make sure when you do the reinstall, you follow the below procedure exactly, especially since that poster had the same export issues as you.

Thanks for reply!
i tried reinstalling but still, it didnt work i also found application log since im kind of new to the forum, i dont know how to send the application log, should i copy the whole text here? Also im using windows 10. i think i deleted the appdata thing but still nothing, theres a red x next to the export file or something

When replying click on the icon above that looks like an Upward pointing arraow (just after the one that is after </> and supply the file:


Yes i found it,
shotcut-log.txt (41.0 KB)
i think its what i had to send

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