Exporting Artifacts

Hi there,

I have tried a ton of exporting options but have no been able to get the export to match the preview.
I’ve used key frames to animate a mask to have a portion of the image wipe into view if that makes sense.
But when I view the exported video there are some serious issues.

I can only upload 1 image at a time, but basically there are these blue lines that should be uncovered by the mask left to right, and the mask should be a horizontal line.

But what happens is this. Here is an intermediate frame:

It should be a horizontal mask moving left to right but its all jittery.
I’ve tried exporting and a png sequence and I’ve tried the lossless formats, 100% quality, super high bitrates.
Cant figure it out. Help would be appreciated. It looks perfect in the preview when i go frame by frame, and if I go File > Export Frame it exports just fine.

I’d really appreciate some help :slight_smile:


Could you upload the image files and the mlt?

Did you change the resolution in Export?

I didn’t. The image and the export are both 1080

Try turning off Parallel Processing in Export > Video and make a new test export.

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