Exporting an image "without" ratio setting?

Please check out the screenshot …

The original video is 540324 and I have no reason to change the resolution.
The image ratio of 540
324 is something between 16:9 and 16:10. Now when I export the video with e.g. 16:10 Shortcut creates a black border around it.
Why can’t I just export the video with the same size as the original and leave the image resolution unchanged at whatever it is?
Thank you.

Put also 540 x 324 as the ratio.


That never occurred to me for this was beyond the wildest dreams that I could fathom …
Thank you.

You’re welcome :wink:
Just in case someone tries this and it doesn’t work, I should have specified to set these parameters in Video Mode, not in the Export tab.

  1. Go to Settings > Video Mode > Custom > Add…
  2. Enter the size of your media in Resolution
  3. Enter the same parameters in Aspect ratio
  4. Click OK. Black bars are removed.
  5. When you export, the same parameters will be applied in the export settings.


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