Exporting a video lossless?


EDIT: or is it possible to export to “uncompressed avi” type format? The huge types that are lossless?

^ see above, Xvid isn’t required, I just don’t want to have to compress it if possible then?

I have been using Shotcut to convert a large number of videos from one format to another so that Adobe After Effects will open them.

I have managed to do this via exporting as an AVI with the “mpeg4” codec @ 100% quality.

The list of exporting codecs is very extensive - not sure if this is because it’s built in, but I also have the K-Lite / CCCP codecs as well as up to date manual installs of Xvid.

I use Xvid to export most of my videos as I like it, it’s nice and simple and all my video editing programs will open them with sound synched etc. Call it old habit :smiley:

I am unable to find a way to export an AVI using the Xvid codec however. I cannot see it listed. I’ve reinstalled the codec and Shotcut in various orders but to no avail.

Is there a way for Xvid to show up as a codec when exporting do you know?


There are a few options…

Typically I use ffvhuff/pcm_s16le/avi - This works the best for me while using pixel format YUV420.

There are other video options like ffv1 which is slightly smaller in file size, and another option for audio would be flac.

Try the first combo of ffvhuff & pcm_s16le, see if that works for you…

Shotcut does not use any system codecs, and it does not include the old-fashioned Xvid. You should try using one of the provided lossless presets. Not sure what is best for After Effects, maybe lossless/H.264.

May I ask why restrict it?

Hi MrCorleone

Yes that format works lovely, thanks. AE has this … thing where it’s terrible at opening various codecs and refuses to open about 60-70% of formats others can commonly use.

Xvid / uncompressed is what I’ve used for years because … well, it works and VirtualDub and Xvid work nicely together.

However, this format you have given seems to encode nicely and presents good clear picture quality.


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It is not about restriction. It is about software architecture and design. Shotcut is not written to directly access Windows, macOS, or Linux (gstreamer) codec APIs. Instead it is uses the cross-platform FFmpeg API, which provides its own library of codecs (and other things).

I would find an uncompressed output useful.