Exported Video's Effects Aren't Working Properly. Thanks!

I edited a video with the “360: Equirectangular to Stereographic” effect with some key frames to make the video warp and move around throughout it. I’m happy with the preview I see before exporting, but when I export it, the “yaw” setting isn’t working, and the “roll” effect is working is at a much slower rate than I set it to be. I had set the video to have a rotating effect that’s much faster than what the exported video gives me. The video looks as I want it to before I export it. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

What version of Shotcut do you have installed? (Click on About Shotcut)
Can you show a screenshot of your settings of that filter, and keyframes panel?
When you went to Export, did you change any settings in Advanced? If so, what did you change?

If you are on Linux or macOS with a language/region that has been set using the environment variable LC_ALL then you could be affected by this bug:

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