Exported Video Yields Choppy, Jumping Text

I just started using shotcut a few weeks ago. Relatively inexperienced to video editing in general. I wanted to create individual screens of text that pause just long enough to be read. I inserted a black screen .jpg, added text filters with fade in and out video and it does exactly what I wanted it to do in the player. When I export the video, the text (which is perfectly still in the player) jumps and moves back and forth; not all the text, sometimes only 1 line out of a paragraph is affected. I’ve tried the h264 baseline profile and youtube formats. I can’t seem to find one where the text doesn’t jump.

I have noticed that on one of the screens with humping text, I had applied two text filters with the intent that some of the text was italicized. It didn’t seem like I could get text with varying sizes or fonts within the same filter. I am also experiencing it on stills with only 1 text filter, so that would disprove this theory.

I don’t know where I can post a copy of this video to demonstrate what I am talking about, if that would be necessary.

Overall, I am impressed with the quality of the video that I made, but I made the video for an animal rescue project I am belong to, with the intent to post to social media. With the jumping text, it doesn’t look remotely professional and is unusable. I am playing back the video with vlc player and windows media, and am getting the jumping on both players.

I upgraded to the latest version in the middle of this project. Prior to today I was using the last version as of a few weeks ago (sorry don’t remember number). I am using windows 10 x64

A separate issue, perhaps one that is contributing to this one, was that I needed to lengthen the clips because I didn’t leave enough time for the text to be read. My inelegant solution was to add multiple video tracks so that I could lengthen those clips. Perhaps there are too many tracks that are gumming things up during compilation?

I appreciate any advice you can offer. The video is good, it plays fine in the player, just can’t get a finished version that looks as nice.

Ok, so I figured out how to publish this to youtube, which I didn’t really want to do because it’s not finished, but you can see what I’m talking about. The first wall of text at 0:05 with jumping occurs, and it happens throughout the video. It also is noticeable starting at 3:15. Hopefully this is more helpful

Searching the forum could have saved you a lot of time.
Already been addressed, and will be fixed next release.

This only affects the text filter.

A couple of work-around ideas to get the project finished.

Step 1. File - Save As and save to a new file name. (Example - “oncemoreX1.mlt”)

A. Locate a frame of text, Export Frame. Import that image on a video track above the video. Then just uncheckmark the text filter.

B. Use GIMP or some other free graphics editor, you could just type you your text, export to PNG, and insert onto a video track above your main video.

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I really appreciate your reply. I’ve searched forums before, never wanting to be that guy, but for some reason, whatever search strings I was using, I didn’t see that post. In any case, that solved my problem (exporting the frame, then just readding the exported frame and disabling the text filter) and I am grateful. It did take me some time fiddling around with different formats before your help.
Thank you!

The easier work-around is to disable “Parallel Processing” in the advanced export settings. This issues is fixed for the next release v19.01.x later this month.

#meetoo :smiley: -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WloJSO_rPnI
(Shotcut v18.12.23, Win10pro ENG x64, …)

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