Exported video not in full resolution w10 / small video in black frame

Exported video from HD master, in Youtube presets and automatically scaled, still results in images smaller than the full frame.
See : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99d-MLgrqcE&t=1s

Saving the project, completely closing shotcut and reopening the project some time gives good export result,
after “repair” message, but not always.

not 100% reproducable.

What are the properties of your original file?
Did you play your original footage with a separate viewer to see if it was originally recorded as such.

What do your export settings look like?
These settings displayed below give me 1080p 60fps.
export settings

In your video it does show you have 1080p 50fps.
yt 1080 50fps

Well that’s not a nice way to caption your video

“Shotcut is a crappy OpenShit product I recommend everything except shotcut video editor”

Back to technical things it looks like something may have been set wrong with your projects video mode causing it to export what looks like 720p footage inside a 1080p frame. What resolution was your source video?

We are a language project and have started filming and editing our first videos. We have some people in our team who have edited and published before.

We have had erratic export-problems too, and when I googled it today, I found lots of users with similar looking problems: You have a “mainstream” project, with say, video from a consumer Sony camera (something like 1920 x 1080, progressive, 30fps) and all looks good in the Shotcut project.

And on export (we tried many different settings, not random, but conservative YouTube recommendations etc.) the properties for the exported video shows bad settings like proportions 1080 x 1080 instead of the expected 1920 x 1080. So different players (like VLC) can either not handle it, or show massive black frames around some rather small content. (put properties says that the actual video is still 1920x1080, just shows badly on the players).

It feels to me like a bug in the export module. Or there is a hidden “feature” which is bothering many new users. Please help - or if you prefer, I open a new thread. I would not tag something nasty about an OpenSource tool which I am using for free.

The trick is to set your video mode before importing any footage.
I’ve never come across the issue reported because of this preparation.

It wasn’t the poster who made this comment, but some ignoramus commenting on his use of Shotcut on video on Youtube.

Thank you @Steve, I did as you proposed and made a clean Shotcut project with just one untouched video-clip (straight from our camera) and exported H.264 Main Profile and got a clean export with correct aspect ratio and correct playing in VLC etc. Yeah, joy!

This was on my own computer. Next I will tell my team and we will try again at our office computer. Maybe the very recent Windows-update to Win 10 1803 has messed up some libraries or whatever. Will keep you posted here.

When closing + re-opening the project I always get
then export results into expected video, without modifying anything.

Some more tests, same faulty project without repairing also randomly gives full screen video: Russian roulette export

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Me too: We have lots and lots of those message on a certain project. It has gone through several recoveries and now the file name reads like a joke in several languages: recovered - recovered - something Russian - recuperé (French) - recovered

I had already wondered whether this “broken project” had anything to do with the bad exports. This project was edited (for many hours) by a visitor and we did not have the guts to delete it all and to start over. Any ideas how to fix it for real? I could even edit the XML if somebody told me what the problem is.

There are people here asking you questions to help you, myself included. You chose to ignore the help that’s here. Do you actually want help? Providing factual information is probably in your best interest if you wish to find a solution.

Are you having the same problem as the first post represents? I guess I have not edited enough in the past 6 months to get the messages you say you have got. I would say a broken project is one that just hasn’t been updated for over a year or more with no more support for any current operating system.

Idea on how, you @Playmountain, can “fix it for real”.
Providing factual information from computer specifications to screenshots of what you’re having issues with. Could even be questions on how to use a filter, or how to change the dissolve. There are many very talented folks with a lot more knowledge than myself that can help you including developers.

You can even most mlt files like this one: test57.mlt (4.4 KB)
Just drag and drop into the reply window.

We are having the same symptoms with one of our projects: When exporting, the export-settings-window behaves erratically and often (but not always) we are getting unwanted massive black “frames” (although the pixels are there (1920 x 1080), and we see messed-up info in the export about the aspect ration, for example 1080 x 1080; this is probably why players like VLC cannot display it properly and but those fat black frames.

The same project is also giving us these messages about “Shotcut noticed problems… want to repair it?..” And we click Yes each time and it keeps finding repairs the next time we open.

I just wrote “me too” because the symptoms feel related. I am new to Shotcut but rather not new to computers. I run an entire project, and office and many free-lancers. So I can only update every so often, when the office is powered up and that machine is not occupied by other team-members. I appreciate your help here and can upload the .mlt next week. Good weekend.

Depends on how you have VLC set.
Try unchecking “Always Fit Window”.
Make sure your Aspect Ratios are correct.




I am having similar issues. I have some some video clips from an old Sony Handycam. After trying to export in various formats I found the best option was using .avi - intermediate MPG4 (may be because the source is .avi) and using the same properties as the source video,. Even with this, I get black bars around all sides of the exported video (in both VLC and Windows 10 media player - source .avi does not have the same issues) - cropping filter does not fix it. When I tried different export “defaults”, Shotcut sometimes keeps the same settings as the previous export attempt, but sometimes it changes the settings. It is quite buggy. When selecting a new export format, Shotcut should revert to the default settings for that format, then allow the user to modify these settings.

And I read some posts where people were having a similar issue as mine and the solution was to set the locale to ENG from GER (may be a period/comma issue in the settings). I want to try this, but I am in the U.S. and assume the default locale is ENG. If not, and I want to set the locale, where is this setting?

Had another thought…does Shotcut have an export option “Same as source” where it tries to match the source format settings? If not, might be a decent feature.

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Steve: So by this do you mean setting the project video properties prior to importing any footage?


What’s the file format of your video file?
file format

Hi Hudson (always a helpful person)! I know the container is .avi but I’m at work now so I’ll get back to you on the actual “properties” of the source when imported into Shotcut later today. Also, I do not pay particular attention to the project settings since I wasn’t sure if/how those would affect the export. I’m wondering if that is the key. Anyway, thanks for the swift reply. Will get back to you on that.

When SC is exporting 1920 x 1080 pixels and is reporting an aspect ratio of 1080 x 1080 [sic], good luck in selecting that one in the VLC player.

You are right, of course, when you say “Make sure your Aspect Ratios are correct.” That is why I am sharing in this forum: The export was not hand-written by me, it was exported from SC. I claim the export is buggy or really too complex for a user like me who has used many tools for over 30 years.

So the developers can have a look (if they are interested in this issue) and maybe figure out, why the aspect-ratio is reported wrongly by SC in certain exports but not in others. (I personally can try to manually click in VLC once, for testing purposes, but when I share videos via bluetooth locally or via YouTube or whatever, I cannot tell our spectators “sorry, it will not display properly until you go into your display-settings and manually click 1920x1080”.)


O.K. So the source video codec was DV
29.97 fps
format: yuv411
aspect ratio 16:9
Interlaced BFF

I started a new project and prior to importing selected my settings I set video mode to SD NTSC (tried to match it to my source but didn’t see an option for 720i at 29.92 fps)

At any rate I tried a number of export options for .mp4 and all were full 16:9 with no black bars. Interestingly enough the YouTube .mp4 format gave the best results.

Anyway, not sure which steps I did that fixed this, but I guess the lesson is to make sure you take time to set up your project first.

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Had another interesting experience.

Export was in FullScreen, perfect.
One text did not show, so enabled the filter to show text and …

… the next export had the problem with the black frame around it.
Closing,saving and reopening the project without any modification and export was OK again.