Exported video lags behind music

So my video clips are in perfect sync with the music in playback but once the whole video is exported it lags slightly behind the music. I’ve searched the forum for answers and some have suggested turning off hardware encoder and parallel processing. I’m not using hardware encoder and I could not find parallel processing anywhere. I’m on a Windows 10 PC and use the default preset when exporting. Any help is much appreciated!

I found Parallel Processing and it is already turned off

I tried to fix the issue by moving the audio tracks by 6 frames and everything was in perfect sync after the video was exported. When uploaded to YouTube, however, the audio was lagging behind. After some digging around I found that the issue was with Microsoft’s Movies&TV App. I changed to VLC and the original video (prior to moving the audio tracks) is now in perfect sync, and it remains in sync after being uploaded to YouTube. If anyone else runs into this issue, this might be the cause.

Oh yes, that application (and others) have some unwanted behaviour from time to time.
I usually record videos with OBS on three separate audio tracks , when I play with the Microsoft app, most of the time it selects audio track 2, other times it selects track 1.
I don’t understand it because if it is by numerical order it should play track 1, by alphabetical order it is also the first one, both the sampling quality and bitrate is the same for all the configured tracks, so if I have any problem with the playback I directly try another alternative to make sure there are no problems with the video and/or audio.
With VLC it always plays track 1 (which is the default).

Glad your problem is solved, @Freaty_the_Dreary!

For others with a similar problem, but not caused by the Microsoft app…

I have had this problem in the past; is is often a symptom of attempting to edit VFR (Variable Frame Rate) videos directly, especially when other tracks in the Shotcut Timeline are CFR (Constant Frame Rate).
The solution in that case is to convert the source to a CFR “Edit Friendly” codec, either manually or using Shotcut’s “Convert” feature.

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I specifically commented on the case with OBS recording because my setup is CFR and there is not even an edit in Shotcut.

What you say about VBR and CFR can bring a few problems in editing so thanks for commenting.

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