Exported Video Different From Preview (Color Grading)

For reference, I used PremierePro for years, and am trying to switch to cross platform solutions.

I tried KdenLive and it burned me twice yesterday. The first time it rendered the video in a blurry resolution since file info is not the default. The second time, even after setting the project settings to QHD, the render was now 1080p instead of QHD. Ridiculous imo. I had only found out after I uploaded the video and I also found out that the color grading I had done made the video look too dark!

So then I just installed Shotcut and uninstalled KdenLive. I did some color grading as you can see from the attachments. I believe this is a bug since its a extremely annoying to have to wait for a render only to see the time you spent color grading was wasted as well as the time you spent waiting on the render.

The filter I have are as follows.
For Color Grading:
Midtones: -0.4% for RGB
Highlights: -7.6% for RGB
For Contrast:
Contrast: 45% (-5% from default of 50%)
For Saturation:
Saturation: 120% (+20% from default of 100%)

OS: Windows 11
Shotcut Version: 22.6.23

I’m not expecting any resolution, will try out how Premiere Pro does color grading.

This bug report is invalid since you did not provide the info requested in the bug post template like operating system and version, and by “color grading” I assume you mean the filter with that exact same name. However, the parameters you provided do not match.

I’ve updated the post with the OS and version and clarified the filters used.

I did not reproduce this also using the same version on Windows. I used your ungraded source image from imgur. I am always using the Shotcut player for evaluating all results. I refuse to install PotPlayer, and unfortunately different players can give different results. I am using Shotcut’s Color layout to include scopes to make the comparison extremely clear.

Source image ungraded:

Source image with filters in Shotcut preview:

Viewing the graded image exported with least amount of compression and encoding degradation - lossless HuffYUV in RGB format (since my source image is RGB):

And now viewing the graded image exported using the export defaults as YUV 4:2:0 sub-sampled chroma and H.264 compression:

The images you showed kind of looks like your export did not apply the filters.