Exported mp4 not what i created

After updating my Shotcut version I got rid of the lags and the crashes, but now I see a problem with filters in videos being exported wrong. The biggest difference i found is “audio-light visualisation” in editor and after export.
One light (oscillation: 1; low frequences: 20; high frequences: 20.000; threshold: -60) will blink in regular intervals in the editor window, and after the export react to the music in short flashes. Another light (oscillation: 0; low frequences: 1.000; high frequences: 20.000; threshold: -60) is shining bright and reacts to the music by flicering, but after the export it reacts like the before mentioned effect.
I exported with the “Youtube” setting, like i always did in a older version.
Filters never want to be exported like I arranged them in the editor for hours. Pls help. Thx

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