Exported Interlaced video doesn't look Interlaced

I exported a 60FPS video and set it to be Interlaced, however when I watch the video, it doesn’t have the Interlacing artifacts at all. Any way of how can I fix this?

There could be many reasons. We might need more information.

Are your source clips interlaced? If so, what is their frame rate.

What is your Video Mode in Shotcut? Have you selected an interlaced preset?

60FPS is not a standard interlaced frame rate. So your playback device might not know what to do with it.

If you apply certain filters, they may trigger the internal deinterlacer (For example, the text filter requires progressive frames to operate).

I didn’t apply any filters to the video. My video is 60FPS, and no, my source clips aren’t interlaced, i’m just trying to make progressive video interlaced. I used the YouTube preset, and changed the frame rendering options to Interlaced.

Shotcut does not have a feature to convert progressive frames into interlaced frames. In theory, it could be possible to convert two consecutive progressive frames into two half-height fields and then interleave those fields into an interlaced frame. But not in Shotcut.

FFMpeg has a filter called “tinterlace” that can perform these kinds of operations:

I’ll try that. However, I don’t understand what or where to put stuff in the conversion command. Can you help me with it?
Edit: Figured it out by myself. Thanks!

You will need to add a low-pass or antialiasing filter or you will get some very visible motion artefacts.

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