Exported frames look washed out - color space issue

I’m running EndeavourOS with KDE and Wayland.
Shotcut version 23.12.

I’ve actually had this problem for several months now, so it’s not unique to this version of Shotcut. Whenever I export a frame, then insert that frame into the timeline, it looks washed out as if there’s an issue with the color space. When I open this frame in photo editing software the colors look correct, so it appears this is an issue with Shotcut or a library that Shotcut uses. Here’s a video showing the difference between the original video and the exported frame, you can clearly see the grey colors look washed out on the exported frame.

Again, this only applies to exported frames from Shotcut. PNGs created from other sources don’t have any issues, nor do any video files.

I have not yet reproduced it using either video will full or broadcast color range. Certainly, if you export a frame and then change Properties > Video > Color range, it will exhibit this problem. Please share a file that exhibits the problem if you can. You can workaround it by using the Speed: Forward Only time filter instead of exporting a frame.

Yes I’m aware about the color range setting in properties. Thanks for the workaround.
Here’s a video I just recorded. When I exported a frame from it, it exhibited the described behavior. I’ll include the frame as well.

And here’s the exported frame. Again, the colors are fine outside of Shotcut. Only in Shotcut do the colors look washed out.

I am still not reproducing it using your test-video.mp4 only (the frame you provided is not available to download from here as PNG) on any of my builds (the ones on our site’s download page) including Flatpak and with or without GPU Effects turned on. I will not be testing Endeavour’s package. Also, I am not just eye-balling the video either but also looking at waveform and histogram scopes.

Here I attach a project that includes an extracted frame as PNG with your video. Paths in the project are relative so you can simply open it without missing files as long as they are all in the same folder. Please let me know if you see it in this project.

shotcut bug 42540.zip (2.8 MB)

Good news, I’ve isolated the problem. Your project doesn’t use GPU effects which forced me to turn off GPU effects in order to open your project. It turns out the bug doesn’t occur when GPU effects are disabled, it only happens when it’s enabled. I’m running an AMD GPU.

I was using AMD too when I tested it with GPU Effects on. Now, I just tested it on Windows with GPU Effects on NVIDIA, and no problem there either. Computers.

I’m guessing it has something to do with the drivers or the hardware decoding library currently being used on Arch distros. Just a wild guess though. Hopefully someone figures it out because GPU effects can make a huge difference in performance depending on which filters are being used, so I highly prefer using it. But I guess I can use your workaround for now, thanks.