Export with same settings as source, lossless and same size as original

Hi everyone! I have a single video file and I need to re-render it with Shotcut (I mean just open this single video with Shotcut and render it). So I want to export this original file, losing as less quality as possible, and get a similar file size to the original one. Is even possible to obtain same quality and size of the original?

I tried to render using the automatic settings that match the original one and just increase the quality on the codec tab to 100% but the final file size is like 4 times the original one and I don’t get why!!!

The original file (first render with the editing program) is an MP4 h.264.
Would it be a better solution to do the first render with the editing program in quicktime dnxhd and then do the second render of that video file with shotcut using MP4? I’m new to video editing so I have no idea

PS: if you’re wondering why I’m trying to do so, it is because my editor has some bugs and generate artifacts on the final render. I found on the internet that rerendering the video with shotcut fixes the problem and it’s true! but I want to keep quality and file size.

Oh, and honestly i have no idea how to manually match the original file settings on the tabs Video and Codec of the export section (i don’t know what scan mode, codec, rate control, GOP, etc means). I just kept what I found and I supposed the program is automatically matching the original file. Maybe that could be a good solution if you could help me.

This thread has some suggestions :

I’ve read that but I didn’t find an answer

Use the DEFAULT settings and try setting quality to 65%, which is “visually lossless”, meaning you shouldn’t really be able to see any difference in quality from your original clip. It is no use setting quality to 100% - many video players cannot handle MP4 videos with no compression and you just end up with a huge file that some systems won’t be able to play…

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