Export with correct FPS

I converted an old 8mm film reel using Wolverine to an mp4. Loading the mp4 into Shotcut, I started to learn how to split clips, remove clips and using filters. Then I exported the final to an mp4. All appeared to work correctly (I think). The speed appears to be a little too fast. I have learned that Wolverine outputs at 20 fps and normal 8mm film should be 16 fps. I tried exporting 16 fps in the Advanced tab under Export. That did not seem to work. Speed was about the same.
I noticed there is a Speed setting under Properties. But, in order to set that, I would have to change all the clips. I have numerous clips and numerous files. Any help?

You must either do that or export it at the current FPS using an intermediate or lossless preset. Then, load that clip into Shotcut, use Properties > Speed to adjust it, and then export that.

Thank you.

I decided to see how hard it would be to go back to one of my shorter projects. There were about 10 different clips, all with different filter or filter changes. But all should be 0.8x speed.
I clicked on the first clip, went to properties, and changed the speed from 1.0 to 0.8. (8 mm film is 16 fps and the clip was recorded at 20 fps) When I changed the speed to 0.8, I noticed that it extended onto the next clip to the right. How can I avoid this? I just want all the clips to move to the right. I tried “Ripple all tracks” and that didn’t seem to make any difference. Any suggestions?

This is currently unavoidable after the fact unless you turn on Ripple mode and drag the next clip to the right some to make space, change speed, and then right-click the gap and choose Remove. In the future, you can adjust the clip speed when you open it in the Source player before adding it to the Timeline. I will try to add ripple support for speed changes soon.

What does Export/Advanced changing Frames/sec to 16, verse changing Properties Speed to 0.8 do for me?
(my original 8 mm film mp4 was captured at 20 fps)

Changing Frames/sec in Export does not change that apparent speed; it only changes the refresh rate of the resulting video. However, in your case you need to slow down the viewer’s experience of the speed. It is entirely possible that if export fps exceeds the apparent fps, then frames are repeated to achieve the export fps.

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