Export with chapters


I am attempting to export to mkv including chapters to separate the video into smaller logical sections. However, I am not able to generate any chapter points.
Is this possible in SC at all? And if so how? I couldn’t find anything in the form or the web…


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This is not possible in Shotcut. You can use MKVToolNix GUI to do that.

thanks for the super fast response!

A) Is there any other format available in SC witch supports chapters?
B) If I would place a feature request, is there any hope to see this implemented in SC for mkv or mp4?


I too want to use markers in Shotcut to add or have imported, in mkv files.

This is currently listed in the Shotcut Road Map at number 8. About a month ago it was listed at #5, as I recall. So 3 other, perhaps more important to others, but not some of us, got stuffed in front of Markers.

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