Export using the available Proxies


Suggestion: Make it possible to use the proxies (where available) from playlist or timeline instead of the original files when exporting timeline or playlist.

Use case where there could be a benefit: I have all original footage on a NAS, so when exporting all the data is fetched through the network. For a first preview it could be sufficient to just use the proxy files instead - which are stored on the HDD.

In export there is an option to use proxy settings… but I don’t know what it actually does. My impression is that it does not speed up things on my low end machine. Would definitely be nice to be able to export low quality drafts fast(er).

Isn’t that only about using the preview scale? Is that related to the proxies?

Remember, if you search here, documentation topics have the highest priority in search results. And the documentation is heavily based on the words seen in the English UI. Sure, the docs are hit or miss - well mostly miss - but worth a look as usually very good and helpful when it exists.

Thank you - I had the article once open but it didn’t turn up during my search - and I forgot this article exists.

Already exists. Read the docs linked in the reply marked as the solution.