Export to Timeline option disappears after clearing Playlist

Windows 11


Setup: one video item in Playlist. Single Video track with playlist item. Save. Remove Video track. (At this point the Timeline option is still available in the Export pane.)

Reproduce the bug: Remove the single video item in the Playlist. The Timeline option is no longer available in the Export pane.
If you add other video items to the Playlist, create Video tracks, etc… the Timeline option is never re-enabled in the Export From dropdown list in the Export Help pane. The only way to restore it is to quit and restart Shotcut.

Able to duplicate.

Lesser steps:

  1. Open a transparent color clip.
  2. Add Video Track.

Produces a sub-1-second video.

Clicking on the Project tab:

Video Mode 1920x1080, 30fps.
Preview Scaling - 720p
Proxy on
Shotcut version 22.06.23
Windows 10 Home