Export taking forever

I have a pretty solid PC and when exporting videos using the Youtube preset, it usually takes under an hour for a 10-20 minute clip. This is fine. But for some reason the clip I am trying to export now (25min with no filters or special transitions) Is going to take 7 hours. Why does it sometimes take forever to export?

i5-9400F CPU 2.9GHz

*gb RAM

Sometimes the export time estimate is not accurate. I would suggest to wait it out and try to keep track of how long it actually takes.

Well its been about 2 hours and I’m only at 20% for a 25min clip. I’m using the same settings and the files are in the same format as my other exports, which usually take a significantly less amount of time. It seems so random.

Since Version 19.10. came out I can still confirm that the rendertime is that longer than version 19.09.14.
In an earlier topic I discribed it and tested it without any filters (sorry typing error). :

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