Export, stuck at "pending"

I’ve seen something similar in the posts but no solution.

I have one video and one audio track. It’s 9 minutes long. I add the file name myself: myvideo.avi – when I want to save as an .avi

I deselected parallel processing as well.

I have latest version from 9-4-17

Any thoughts?

Ok it started working. FIXED

I have the same problem like yours . I have deselect like what you did, but still, its pending. shotcut log_export_pending.txt (132.5 KB)

what did you do to make it fix?

I restarted and it eventually worked.

you restarted the software or restarted your computer?

Both. It eventually worked on it own but after 20 tries

I’m not sure if the bug didn’t affect me or if that function didn’t work for you, but when the job idles in the pending tab, I am able to right-click and “Run” the job, making it process and export.