Export stuck at 0% no estimated time New Windows

Whatever is the newest version of windows is what i have- my laptop has whopping 2 terrabytes of storage I have made a video that consists of many memes, freeze frames, video and audio tracks, green screens etc, and when I attempt to export the video it stays stuck at 0%, whilst also no estimated time until job is complete. I have gone to the FAQ posts and had a read of the ‘why does it crash on Windows?’ article, and have genuinely found no solution yet. Please advise me of what I can do, cheers.

P.S it’s recorded on Bandicam and is in Roblox.

@Danny Have you checked your ram? is it low like 4 or 8gb or high like 16 or 32gb? And what Is your OS? And what are your export presets?

This could be a problem of your ram because when you make high length clips with highest resolution or even on lowest resolutions due to longer lengths on low rams many times also in other video editors stucks. Make sure you have high ram to make exporting complete.

And whopping storage doesn’t matter because when I first installed shotcut on my pc I had problems exporting even I had Four 1 TB SSD on my (Storage customized) computer means 4 TB Storage but I realised my ram is low.

I already fixed this about a month ago but thanks for informing and questioning it was that I was on windows 10 attempting to export my videos to a little file called published videos so I could sort it easier but I then discovered you had to export to the windows ‘video’ storage thing already built in there and then it worked, thanks anyways!

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