Export Stops at 69%


I attach my jobs log: VLOG 647 Thu 02.04.20 - Jobs - Log.txt (38.6 KB)

I have lost count of the number of attempts I have had trying to export my latest video.

I have an Acer Swift 1 laptop (c. 2017) - Intel HD Graphics - eMMC 64GB - 4 GB DDR3 L Memory - Intel Pentium Quad Core Processor N3710.

Normally I use the same settings: Go to YouTube, untick Parallel Processing on the Video tab, use Average Bitrate on the Codec tab, selecting 40M b/s. That’s it. And save to my desktop.

It does not crash, it just stays at 69%, I’ve looked at the logs but cannot see anything obvious to the layman. Following attempts include ticking the Parallel Processing, selecting 30 M, uninstalling v20.02.17 and trying v20.04 Beta.

Could you please have a look at the log, maybe it is something obvious? Thank you.

I do not see anything wrong in the long, but it is possible you are running very low on memory with only 4GB RAM and that Windows is constantly paging RAM with disk making it appear to be stuck since it is going so slowly. Otherwise, figure out where 69% of the project duration is in timecode format and look for somethings you can simply, remove, or disable if only temporarily to see if you can make it go past. I do not recommend that you work in HD with only 4 GB RAM.


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Thank you for your reply. I neglected to mention how much RAM I had, funnily I only have Shotcut installed, I even have Edge as my only browser. It has occurred to me that I have used a lot of transitions, clock at 1 second, default at 3 seconds, than normal.

I also forgot I’d used a Bar Horizontal transition, Inverted, which, at this stage in my investigation, appears to be the cause.

Hi, Dan, just another “thankyou” for your feedback on this issue. You’d be pleased to know I got around the problem - still using Shotcut (20.04 BETA) - and my vlog is now live on YouTube.

You suggested something about the timecode, but I was trying a workaround when you kindly replied. I, too, thought it might be a memory issue, so decided to split the project into half and export them until I narrowed down the problem. When I did I just recreated those clips as one project and with the split projects brought them into a new one and exported with success and high quality too. Strangely the “recreated” project failed the export but not before completing the mp4 which appeared satisfactory. I enclose its log (VLOG 647 Thu 02.04.20 - Jobs - Log - 2 - Failed But Worked.txt (5.8 KB) ).

Anyway, we shall see if too many transitions, using dissolve, clock and bar horizontal, is a problem, especially the latter when an inverted-wipe.

Should I close this call or let nature takes it course?

For the final time, thanks.

Stephen Esseenyne

This is a known problem that can occur for a huge number of reasons with no universal fix. Basically, the program failed when trying to cleanup some things at the end but not before completing the output file. It is OK; the operating system will take care of the rest. In fact, we use the OS safety net and try to close without complete cleanup to avoid this, but due to the layered nature of software, some cleanup is difficult to avoid.

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