Export stops at 34%. Left it for hours. HELP!

Hey guys i am new to this software and I am trying to export a video I put a lot of time into. It keeps stopping at 34%. I let it go for like 5 hours and still nothing. Can anyone help me out here.
And also what are the best settings to use when exporting a video for youtube?

There is a specific export setting for Youtube in the long list of export presets. Export errors like this are usually not reliably reproducible, however here is a similar post where I wrote about possible errors that might come up when exporting, and that helped someone.

Thanks for the reply but it is still not working.
I have uninstalled shotcut and reinstalled it and still nothing.
I let export run all night and nothing. it still stays at 34%. I am not getting any kind of error message or anything it just stays at 34%.
It is only a 3 minute video. Is there anything else I can try?

What are the exact settings you’re using to encode?

Are the encode settings the same or different from the original source material?

What are your PC’s OS and specs?

What other software do you have running in the background?

Try to erase the pieces that are around 1 minute (About 34% of your duration) and see if it exports well.

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