Export Slideshow Limits?

I’ve made a few slideshows, my last was with 130 slides with 5 second’s between each, so I believe I know how and am doing it correctly … but I’ve just finished importing and re-organizing a new batch of 300 slides and I can’t seem to get the “Create Slideshow from selected images” option to appear …I only see the standard export / render options appear. Is there a slide limit? … and assuming I’ve hit it, how can I split this project into two separate slideshow videos now that I’ve imported and re-organized them in a completely different sequence from the sequence they will normally be imported from my source folder?

Assuming the limit is 150 slides… If I only select say the second 1/2 of them and then exported as a slide show properly , and then do the 1st half alone exported later in the current order sequence?

Never mind… I was clicking the “Export” button… not the three bars above it that “allow selecting additional options”… looks like it will handle a 300 slide slideshow Ok… Thanks

There is no programmed limit. But more images require more computer memory. I have crashed Shotcut before by selecting more images than my computer can handle.

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