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Hello everyone here :wave:
I’m pretty new to video editing and didn’t have particular issues so far, Shortcut is very user friendly!

Usually I retouch older movies for personal use, these movie usually are low key, desaturated, with yellow tint, noisy audio and minor issues, ranging from 90 to 180 minutes each
Right now I an happy with visual restoration, soon however I need to understand how to deal with audio as well.

After my initial tests and exports I started experimenting and now things get a bit more complicated - in particular, the export dialog puzzles me as I don’t understand what implications modifying some settings or changing some settings may cause

I try to add as few filters as possible (3-5) but for some reason, the duration for exports jumped from initially normal times (3-5h) to 9 or 12 hours, which is way too long for me. The ideal outcome for movies with a duration of 2-3h is 3 to 6h processing and the ideal size shouldn’t exceeded 2-3 gb, respectively
Let’s check what I set in my export dialog to find out were I need to improve my settings:

Export dialog

Video tab
  1. Resolution, I just add the same default sizes as seen in the properties tab
  2. Aspect ratio and fps, idem, same as default
  3. I leave the other settings untouched
Codec tab
  1. Is it bc I changed quality from 55 to 60?
  2. GOP should be n*5 so it’s 15 in my case
  3. B-frames is set to 2
  4. Bitrate mode is VBR quality based
  5. Codec ( here I don’t know what to set)
Audio tab
  1. Is sample rate and bitrate in some proportional relationship each other or does one over the other have priority, to influence min max values?

Finally, what video format should I choose to encapsulate my movie?
Thanks in advance

Don’t change these. You should use Settings > Video Mode to govern this. I recommend that you not change anything in export. Use the defaults until you have a clear reason not to.

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I agree with what Dan says. Use the default and change as little as possible. If you want to use a higher quality setting then check visually the result of a shortened export with that setting versus the default setting. If you don’t see a difference, why change it.

To do a short export set a marker with a duration and export just that part.

Have you tried setting the “Parallel Processing” option to see if you can reduce the export time?

First, thanks to both of you and your practical tips - right now I am just scratching the surface as I am just in a learning phase

Before I said that Shotcut is user friendly and i meant working with presets is pretty straightforward
Because of this success, Shotcut sparked more interest in me and now I’m happy to experiment more to learn more :slightly_smiling_face:

The export dialog seems not a big deal at a first look, but the combination of settings are more complex and I should ask about them separately

Great if the video tab is so easy to use, i saw and clicked the Settings>video mode too but got confused what settings i should use (export preset or video mode)

For the codec tab I’ll need to investigate a bit more myself and check out more videos instead to try to be hyper productive without some more knowledge

Finally, id be glad to know if bitrate and sample rate are in some relationship each other, bc audio editing is something completely new to me, in opposition to raw photo development. This way i can prioritize audio on my checklist

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