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Hi all,

is there a way to choose export settings taken from the source video settings? Or is it possible to create a custom export profile from a source video’s properties? Thanks for any hint or link.


If you set video mode to automatic, then the video mode will be set to the first clip you add to the timeline
the same width, height, aspect ratio and fps will be used on export.
All the other setting is set by the preset, these setting can’t be fetch from the source video, because they are not available in the source video, they depend on the engine used for encoding, what settings it need and supports.

Thanks for your support, i will try that. So it should be possible to create an export profile with properties taken from an arbitrary video. The only thing i have to do is to add this video to the timeline. Prior, the video mode must be set to automatic. Let me check this.

It didn’t really work as expected, the audio bit-rate of the video was 160 kBit/s and the exported video showed up with 306 kBit/s. Sampling rate 48 kHz and number of channels (2 Stereo) matched.

As i wrote before

What shotcut does is decodes a video into a number of pictures (frames) at a given frame rate (pictures shown per sec,) at a given resolution/aspect ratio.
when exporting the source frame is converted to a destination frame (filters) then they are encoded by algorithm (codec) and stored in a container (ex. mp4, .mkv).
the codec is just a kind of compression to reduce then number of data, need to store on disk or transfer over a network, without losing to much quality.
Ths bitrate is just a number of bits a decoding system need to decode each second to decode the video, it can be fixed or variable. you can’t compare 2 bit rates between 2 different algorithms an say one is better than the other, it is more complex than that.
In your example 306 Kbits/s vs 160 Kbit/s is just telling that more information is used to store the audio information, 306 Kbs is properly not worse than the original, but properly not sounding any better.

Why are you so fixated on getting the same bitrates, why does it matter ?

No, it’s not about a certain bitrate. I just had the idea that it could be a nice feature to create an export profile, taken from an arbitrary video source file.

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