Export separated clips at once

I’m new to Shotcut. So far it seams quite handy.

I’m sorting out footage for an imagefilm right now.
What I did so far:
**I put 11 different clips onto 11 different lines and erased parts in between, which aren’t useful. **
Now I have 11 Lines with many separated short clips(I guess about 100 little pieces). And I named them all different already.

NOW my Question:
Is there a way to export all those clips at once? So that I have separated files afterwords I could play with?
I hope that so much… Please help!

Best regards from Switzerland

To verify, the desired outcome is 100 little exported files?

Many here will be unclear why this is desired. What happens next to the 100 little clips? If they will be assembled into a movie, why not do that now with the current timeline? If these 100 little clips are going to be used independently elsewhere, do they need to be exported in intermediate format to avoid generational quality loss?

The timeline generates one single movie. I am not aware of a simple way to export the timeline as independent clips that are on it. For this functionality, a better workflow would be bringing one of the 11 large clips into the Source viewer, marking an in and out point with the I and O keys on the keyboard, then dragging that clip to the Playlist. Then go back to the Source window and set in/out for the next little clip, and add it to the Playlist. Do for each of the 11 large clips. The end result would be 100 little clips in the Playlist. Then export “From Playlist” in the export tab and you will get 100 little exported files.

EDIT: Since you have already invested a lot of time in finding and trimming the clips, we might be able to salvage it with a little more work. If you click a clip on your timeline and Ctrl+C or right-click Copy it, that copies the clip into the Source viewer. From Source, you can drag it to the Playlist and the trim points will be maintained. Do for each clip on the timeline. The Esc key is a shortcut to switch between Source window and Project window. It’s a little labor intensive, but better than redoing your whole project.

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