Export same as source

hi, i try to combine a 20MB video with 3mb audio (same duration, 3 minutes), but no matter what preset that i choose or, the total filesize always larger than 50MB.

i know nothing about biterate or resolution (i checked with google), so how can i export with the same thing as the source (such as byterate, resolution, and anything) ? any options should i tick before export?


That is good. You are losing information by decoding and re-encoding. It should be more than before to prevent losing too much information. Audio and video compression is a lossy process unless it specifically states that it is lossless.

If you do not know much about these things, then you should question why you need the “same thing.” In fact, you should not choose any preset and simply click Export File until you can define a good reason why you need anything different and why and how.

Hi, i just want to send the files faster, because of the bandwidth. If only i can get the same or maybe not a like 3x more size, then ill be happy :slight_smile: nevertheless, im really really really satisfied with Shotcut. Thanks for
great work of the team!

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