Export Render Speed

I have recently been assigned to edit videos of sermons to put on our church website. The videos average around 45-50min, all recorded in 1080P @ 30FPS. Since they are going on the website, I don’t want them to get too large, so after some playing around with various sizes and I came up with these settings:

Video: H.264 - 480P Wide - 25FPS - Constant Bitrate 1Mbps
Audio: 96kbps stereo

This way it looks nice enough, but doesn’t take ages to up upload at an average 3-400MB. When I use Adobe Premiere, those same settings on the computer takes 10-15mins. Shotcut takes 50-60min with the same settings on the same computer… Before anyone asks. No, there are no effects, no transitions, no additional videos or sound files, no edits other than trim for time. I simple take the long video of the services and delete everything except the sermon, then export.

I read some other forum threads and selected “Use hardware encoder” where both “h264_nvenc” and “hevc_nvenc” are checked. I won’t have the licenses for Premiere much longer so I’m going to be using Shotcut weekly. I would rather not have to hang around for an additional hour after every service waiting for renders to complete. Is there any way to make it render faster?

The computer is a custom built box with a AMD Ryzen 7 3700X, 32GB RAM, Nvidia RTX2080 and Samsung 970 EVO NVME… There has to be a way to make that computer render faster with Shotcut.

There is an option in Export > Advanced > Video > Parallel processing to enable parallel processing for the export. Give that a try. The reason it is off by default is because we still have some bugs in some filters that parallel processing will give unexpected results. It sounds like that might not apply to you.

And one more tipp: don’t change the FPS from 30 to 25: a framerate of 25 fps does not fit very well on computer monitors as the typical frequency is 60 Hz, so not every frame will have the same length and can result in flickering esp. when fast movement is involved. 30 FPS fits very well into 60 Hz monitor frequency and results in smooth movements. You won’t recognize the problems when there is little movement or camera pan but it can happen :wink:

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