Export/Render speed increasing by a large amount on additional video track

Why is it that every time i add an extra video track, the export time almost 10x in time? is there something im doing wrong or thats just how shotcut works?
thanks in advance


If you have more tracks, it obviously would take more time to render but definitely not by a factor of 10!!

What export settings do you have? What sort of edits are there in the new track? Add more details.

Sorry for the lack of detail, as a new member im only allowed one image per post. It’s just one more track, which is why im confused.
As for the settings, i chose the youtube one. I have hardware encoder checked, both h264 and hevc checked, (this is all by default though im pretty sure) then changed codec threads from 0 to 8
As for edits on the tracks, only v2 has edits. im basically making a twitch chat on the side using: size position rotate filter, crop rectangle filter, and chroma key filter


You answered your own question there: Those things plus the drawing of V2 over V1 requires a lot of CPU calculations.

I see.
I had no idea that adding filters to make it smaller would 10x my speed of export. Sounds counter intuitive

Think: there has to be some math going on and that for each frame! That puts a lot of load to the cpu. Also the chroma key and other filters have to be calculated for each frame. If you just make cuts and leave the input video as is it wouldn’t take much time to encode. If you do a lot of filters and tracks on top there have to be a lot of calculations! Its not about the final size of the video - it has to calculate from the input size and all filters applied.

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