Export Range in Timeline


Is there a way to export just a part of the timeline, like an in and out range? It looks like you can set an in/out point, but it removes items from the timeline when you do. Hopefully, I’m missing something. If it’s not currently a feature, I would think it would be extremely useful because I could export a range to see the final product of a transition or effect without having to export the whole 2-hour project. Thanks!

File > Open MLT XML as clip. Do not add it to Timeline or Playlist. Just set in & out and make sure it appears in the From field at the top of Export.


That worked! Thanks. I figured there was a way somehow. That actually comes in handy for making bigger projects out of smaller ones, too.

I just had the same question and found this thread.

I tried your suggestion (File > Open MLT XML as clip.)
The result was a window showing folders on my computer, with a “No items match your search” message. Clicking on the relevant folder (where I keep videos) made no difference.

Is there some step omitted from your suggestion?

You need to to go to the folder where the MLT was saved not where you keep the videos.