Export question - low quality

I want to export to an mp4 file with the smallest possible file size without it looking like total crap.
What would be the best preset and advanced settings to use for a 16x9 ratio?
Thanks, Bob.

This has been asked several times before. See here for one set of responses:

The “Slide Deck (HEVC)” preset would be in the running for smallest file. It will take awhile to process, and the quality of live-action footage will look something like a Zoom conference call (although a little better). PowerPower presentations will look fanatstic, as that was the point of its design. Depending on where you draw the line for rubbish, it may be good enough.

For higher quality, I’d just try the YouTube or even default preset first and just see how they do. Their file sizes aren’t huge, and the quality is great.

Since you said smallest and not necessarily quickest to export or most compatible, start with the “HEVC Main Profile” preset. Try it unmodified. Do you like the size and quality? If you want smaller, go into Advanced > Codec, and reduce the Quality by 10%. Try again. How about now? If you want smaller, go 5% lower from here. If you want better quality, go 5% higher from here. Basically, you are steering it in the direction you want.

If you want something that is faster to export and more compatible start with the “Default” preset and repeat the same process.

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