Export produces no file :(

A year ago Shotcut saved my ass when I suddenly had to prep all my university lectures as videos instead of standing in front of a bunch students. Everything worked wonderfully.

Now, for some reason I cannot fathom, I am unable to export videos.

Running shotcut 21.04.06 (is what it reports on launch but package dnf manager reports shotcut-21.03.21-2.fc34.x86_64) on fully patched and current Fedora Core 34.

Video imported from OBs and edited in shortcut, in timeline all sound and video plays perfectly well in shotcut.

When I export I get none of the expected waiting for it to process, after clicking the “save” button in the file selector dialog (after the diskspace “warning” screen). Instead, the green check immediately appears beside the filename, just like I would expect. The file does not exist. No file is created.

I’ve tried all manner of different export directories. I’ve tried getting verbose reporting, but all I can get is this:

(some formatting removed because “Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post” not allowed?)

[Debug ] EncodeDock::on_encodeButton_clicked 14496153600 bytes available on “/home”
[Debug ] MeltJob::start “/usr/bin/mlt-melt -verbose -progress2 -abort %2Ftmp%2Fshotcut-mKLTLp.mlt?multi:1”
[Info ] AbstractJob::onFinished job succeeeded

So, there’s the impression that the export succeeded, but no file was created.

I have no idea what else to try but to beat my head harder against my desk in frustration.

You might be using a distro package instead of an official executable. All bets are off in that case.

Try downloading the official AppImage of 21.03.21 from GitHub and exporting your project through it. That will eliminate the possibility of package dependency issues.

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sacred bovine! that did the trick. thanks!

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