Export problems after installed update

Some days ago I installed the newest update.
Now all Filters are ignored, when I export a projekt.
What am I doing wrong?

You are providing half the information.
What do you upgrade?
Shotcut? , Your OS?, or your project?

I now installed the old version, and exporting goes well.

Which version did you install?
What are your system specs?
Which version works fine for you?

I now went back to version 20.04.12.
All is well.
I’m on windows 7.
One times more I learned: Never change a running system!
Everything is fine, exept the scrollbars hardly to be seen.

That’s really a old version, till then, many features have been changed and added, and lot of performance fixes and optimization was there in the updates.

That’s why the older version works better, even these fixes might standout some bugs in the latest version for you.

(One extra thing for you to recommend, it’s probably too late of using win 7, it’s unsupported, and no longer recieves security updates, which means it’s more open to hackers. You should switch to windows 10 or 11)

If it’s an old PC or Laptop, it probably isn’t hardware-compatible with Windows 11. But you could still upgrade it for free from the official Microsoft webpage: Download Windows 10. See the following tutorial for how to do it:

Also, just the installation is free. You would need to buy a license for activation.

The Windows 10 licence activitation from a properly licenced HOME edition of Windows 7 was still free of charge in October 2021, and probably still is (though of course I can’t guarantee it):

I go with windows 7 in my studio, because it works very good.
Never change a good running system!
And so do I with the old shotcut.
Forget about my question and windows 10, 11 or whatever.
Thank you.

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That’s OK. I have 2 versions of Shotcut installed. One is the latest and the other is version 20.07.11. The reason I keep the old one is because some of my projects need to use the “Text: HTML” filter, and that, along with some others, were discontinued at the end of 2020.

I suspect that this is your problem - trying to process a project created on 20.04.12 that used these features which no longer exist on the latest version of Shotcut.

Yes maybe.
I just had forgotten for a moment, that I’m a dinosaur with my old stuff.
But this old stuff works. With my ancient cubase for example I can do anything, I want.
So why running after always the newest stuff?!
I should be happy, to have such a wonderful programm named shotcut working.
And so do I.
Thanx a lot!

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I understand why you want to keep using Windows 7. I use Windows 10 and thought about downgrading to 7 many times. I plan not to upgrade to Windows 11 for as long as it’s reasonable.

For me it’s mostly the coherent design of Windows 7 that I miss. Along with the lack of intrusiveness from the sides of Microsoft.

If you don’t use internet on your studio pc, there shouldn’t be a problem. If you do need to use the internet I suggest using your phone for it and if you need to download something, transfer the necessary files over a usb cable (of course if that file contains a Win7 virus, your pc might be toast, therefore try to download from trusted sources only).
Lastly, always make backups, either of the entire system, or the important files and only connect the drive during the backup, to protect yourself from ransomware or other types of data-loss.

I hope no one is mad at me for posting this (bump?, off-topic?)

Have a good one!


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