Export of video don't function

Windows 10

ver 23.05.14

After making a video on timeline to my satisfaction, I go to export to mp4 video. The result mp4 file has only one frame/picture and this is the last one in the timeline. The length and the sound are correct. I have tried with 3 different videos same result also after a reinstalling.

Try turning off hardware encoding (in the export tab).

If that doesn’t work please show a screenshot of your entire Shotcut window, including the timeline. Also, can you upload your log file: View → Application log → Save.

I have just made a perfect export mp4 file as result of Shotcut on a old Linux (23.05.14) LabTop of exact the same 3 videoclips from my phone. The Linux version wanted to make a revision of one of the clips at the opening proces (some problem with framerate). I have meet the same problem with the 22 ver of Shotcut in Windows 10 (?), where I have made several export videos. With 23.05.14 there was no revision of the clip.

Time in Denmark 00.50 I go to bed but tomorrow I will se at your proposal

Unable to reproduce. Don’t know really what to suggest. Reboot and reinstall maybe.

It told you about the problem (variable frame rate) and offered to try to help. It sounds like you chose to ignore it. In any case, yeah, there is this detection in version 23.05.14, and it is never going to be perfectly reliable as it is a quick check over several frames. I tested it with my variable frame clips, and it does work. In any case, there is probably something about these source videos that makes them unsuitable for editing and needs conversion.

In this morning it works correct without hardwarekoder but still make only with one videoclip/frame with hardwarekoder on. Let it be with marked as “solved”.

I made the frame correction In the Linux variation I, in the windows vesion I was not ask.

Good morning!

Windows 10
ver 23.05.14

same bug while using hardware encoder is active (RTX 3070 h265_nvenc + hevc_nvenc).

After upgrading from older shotcut version hardware encoding results in only one frame output.

OK works with Hardware decoder in ver 24.06.14

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