Export of Markers as Chapters is empty (almost)

I’m pretty sure I’m doing something wrong but I can’t figure out what it is and I’m hoping someone can help.

I’ve set a number of markers in my video (I believe they’re correctly set) but when I export them (via ‘Export->Markers as Chapters’, the only thing output to the txt file is:
00:00 Intro

I’m running version 21.12.24 and I’ve attached a screenshot of the Markers window. (Although I doubt that this is relevant, please note that ‘Intro’ is not the name of my first marker.)


There’s nothing appended to the shotcut-log.txt when this export is done so I’m at a loss.

What am I doing wrong?


Do you have transitions in your project?

@DRM is referring to this bug report:

Thanks! Yes, I do have transitions in the project.

There is another workarounds that is more acceptable than removing the transitions - just create the txt file by hand.

I’ll retry this again when the next version is released.

Thanks again.

@davidm, this bug sadly was not found during the beta period for the last released version. Would you be interested in helping test out the beta versions before official releases? They happen usually monthly.

Sure, I’ll be happy to help - Shotcut is a fantastic product and I’m very pleased with what it allows me to do.

However, I should warn you that I’m nowhere near an expert user - I’m essentially a newbie and likely wouldn’t be testing out any complicated or esoteric areas in the product. (But I guess this markers bug isn’t in a very esoteric area :-).)

Please, yes, let me know how I can participate.

And thanks for the very prompt replies.

You don’t have to be an expert user. You just have to use the beta version and report in the designated thread about any problems you experience just like you did here.

I’ll let you know when the next beta is out. :slightly_smiling_face:

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