Export not working

Downloaded shot cut onto my laptop, running windows 10. Edited a video etc. but when i click export video nothing happens, nothing pops up or starts exporting? help pls :’(

What format/specs/shotcut version are you using ect. Are you exporting. Is it showing up in the jobs window(can you see the jobs window?)

complete beginner here so bear with. I downloaded shotcut a couple of days ago so im assuming the most up to date version? as for format/specs i have no idea. No jobs window, i click file - export video and nothing happens

ok managed to figure out exporting but not sure what format i would need to export in to get both the video and audio files, tried mp3 and mp4 and that just gave me audio?

figured it all out :slight_smile:

looks like you worked it out before i got back to my desk, back to editing for me then!