Export not playing correctly on smart TV


  • I record my video with a GOPRO 9 in 2.7K 60fps.
  • I start a project with the automatic settings. (Settings following the first video added on the timeline)

I try many differents export :

H264 60fps : sound ok / video not working
H264 24fps : works
HEVC 60fps : works but video not in full screen with greenframe

My smart TV is a Philips 49PUS6551 and it is writting that it support the HEVC / H265 and the logiciel is from the last update but I have the same result with the original video from the GOPRO (sound ok but no video)

I would like to export my video in 60fps, do you have an idea how I can proceed?

I’m looking at the specs from https://www.p4c.philips.com/files/4/49pus6551_12/49pus6551_12_pss_.pdf

2.7K is not an officially supported resolution by the TV. For the best chance of working, scale to 1080p or 2160p. Smart TV decoders are much more picky than computer decoders.

The TV specs do not specifically say it supports HEVC 4K @ 60fps. A couple of the HDMI ports only support up to 4K @ 30fps. I would not be surprised if 60fps HEVC wasn’t supported. But to give the best chance of working, test the following export configurations:

  • Use 59.940060 fps, not an even 60fps
  • If scaling to 1080p or 2160p, change Interpolation to Lanczos for sharper results
  • On the Export > Advanced > Codec tab, check the Fixed GOP box
  • Use a maximum of 2 B-frames
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Thank you very much for this answer and solution.
The config HEVC 2160P 59FPS works perfectly.

But the fixed GOP and 2 Bframes export me a very small file that I cant play as a video.

Thanks again!

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Are you using hardware encoding? If so, the very small file may be audio-only because the hardware encoder may not support B-frames or fixed GOP.

Either way, glad you found something that works.

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