Export missing a track, now export broken always

Recurring problem, seemingly no actual solutions in forums, no obvious chain of events to replicate. Situation is when exporting a video, frequently an entire track is either rendered black or is missing as if it wasn’t even there. Plays perfectly in the preview. The second video track, the one below the naughty track, exports without interruption as if track 1 doesn’t exist. Separate audio track is fine. I’ve been having this problem now and then. Always an OMG you can’t be serious moment. AV on/off makes no difference.

The only solution is to delete the contents of the naughty track, including all of your editing work, delete the Playlist file, then add the same file back to the Playlist, time-align to audio again, edit all over again, cross fingers.

Files are “edit friendly” and using proxies in the editor. Export setting is factory YouTube. Video Mode is Automatic. The only filters are fade ins and outs. Exporting “From” a marker, doesn’t matter if the marker range is 4 seconds or 4 minutes.

The older version of ShotCut I was using is the one that exported with black or missing track. I updated to the newest version 23.11.29, BUT NOW it won’t export at all. Only a red X, empty output file. See contents of the attached error log at the end of this message. Fortunately I’m not in a hurry.

Settings are not in the Registry where documentation says. There is a folder under C:/users/self/appdata/local/meltytech/shotcut, but the resultant zip file is gigantic and can’t possibly be right for a text file(s).


Failed export (doesn’t even try) is attached. Project file is attached.
What You Need, Don’t Get Ta.mlt (26.3 KB)
Fail error log.txt (4.7 KB)

You might be running out of memory.

delete the Playlist file, then add the same file back to the Playlist

The playlist has nothing to do with the timeline. So, these steps are probably pointless.

Settings are not in the Registry where documentation says

That is where they are on my 3 Windows machines.

the resultant zip file is gigantic and can’t possibly be right for a text file(s).

Because it is a folder with a bunch of stuff including thumbnails and proxies and not simply a text file. Only if you are using the App Data Directory for your settings instead of the registry will there be a shotcut.ini text file in the folder.

I took a look at your project, and some of the file names has “PXL” in it, which is from a Pixel phone (also variable frame rate).

If you are having a problem you should turn that off to check upon it in reality (as opposed to the disguised nature of a proxy). There was a bug when using proxies for Pixel phones that matches your description of “missing track” that was fixed in version 23.09. Since you were using version 22.10 according to the project file, you are probably affected by it. As for why it fails to export in the new version, I do not know because it is working for me after substituting my media (39% so far; it is a very long project, too long).

If you still have the old version, go back to it if you can. Either way, turn off proxy. Now, double-click every “PXL” clip in the timeline. If the video is unexpectedly black, check and set Properties > Video > Track.

The bug was fixed in version 23.09 so updating from an older version like 22.10 should resolve the missing track problem.
For the export failure in the newer version check you’re not running out of memory and check each PXL clip in the timeline to make sure its video properties are set correctly.

@shotcut @JiyaHana

Thanks for your suggestions! After a huge panic when ALL of my projects became broken by version 23.11.29… :-0 The trouble was not VFR (never have and still don’t need to convert from VFR), not because of Pixel (I use 4 at once, always have), not the 3 hour length (normal for recording sessions), not RAM (way more than enough), black in the timeline is not a problem - it is only outside of the song and take I’m bouncing. Always operating from Proxies (crucial for editing big stuff).

The reason for the black track during export was the high-end video driver. The reason for ALL projects seeming broken was trying troubleshooting with the Hardware Encoder on version 23.11.28.

:smiley: and there was much rejoicing. And music video making.


It’s great to hear resolved, your issue thanks for sharing your solution. Your insights might help others facing similar challenges. Happy music video making. :blush::musical_note:

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