Export Lossless Original Quality of File to Image/Video Format

Greetings. I have been wondering how to export the frames of a video into an image or video format, preferably into .webp or .webm, without loss to the quality. Lately, I have noticed that frames within a video are exported at a lower quality than when I have the video file paused when I compare them. I have little interest in changing the frames themselves, only exporting them at their original quality for miscellaneous use afterward when I open the file into shotcut and then export any given frame or collection of frames into a video format. What is the step-by-step process of doing this?

WebM does not support lossless. Look at the lossless category of our export presets for some other lossless video formats. Why do you need WebM? If this is for putting into a web page, you do not want lossless. There is no way to convert a video into something suitable for embedding into a web or streaming over the Internet in a lossless manner.

It does look like lossless WebP image sequence or animation will work. After choosing the appropriate export preset in Shotcut:

  1. go to Export > Advanced > Other
  2. remove the line preset=default
  3. add the line lossless=1

Alright, give me a moment to try these export options and then compare them to a video player for reference of how much quality was retained.

And for exporting lossless video formats, the preset options are FFV1, H.264, HuffYuv, and Ut Video, correct?

If I were to pick H.624 and change the preset from medium to lossless, that would achieve lossless exporting of the video, correct?

No, the options are different for each codec. Since there is a dedicated lossless/H.264 preset, all you need to do is select the preset. Also, turn off the hardware encoder checkbox if that is on because often those do not support lossless.

Alright, so I simply just select H.624 for example and then leave it be like this?

Apologies if I ask too many questions for a beginner.

Yes. That will produce a lossless file. Be warned: that setting will produce a very large file and many players can not play lossless files.

People often come here asking for lossless files, and then they eventually learn that lossless has a specific meaning and it is not what they want. Here is my advice: export with the standard h.264 profile. Watch the exported video. Does it look good? If so, then it is probably what you want.

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Thank you for your answer. I can only hope that the video will play without issue when uploaded and watched on Mozilla Firefox.

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