Export Job Timer, no longer displays a remotely correct percentage or time for esitimated completion

Seem in Shotcut version 19.04.30 (Latest version) this issue first appeared in the Feb 28th build.

Export job timer no longer shows a correct time or percentage during export.

Previously shotcut would show a fairly close estimate and would track percentage progress, by counting up 1% at a time correctly. In the recent builds I am seeing videos that take 15 minutes being suggested at 2 hours and seeing videos jumping from 13% to finished. This did not happen in earlier builds.

I’m on Windows 7, 64 bit OS

Has the timer been recoded recently?

I noticed this too. It was last changed in v18.11.18. I will revisit this.

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I found the source of this bug and fixed it for the next release v19.06. It was not due to the previous change in this area but something else.

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