Export job do not proceed from some procentage

I have used Shutcut with succes since april, but now I got problems with export. I used a version from april 2019 until yesterday.

Now I use newest version, 191231, and it have got the same problem. I think the previous version had the Parallel processing option which was disabled. The problem seems to have started within the past 2 weeks. As a test for these problems I use simple short videos of 6 seconds and cut away 1 second as a revision to export. The video types is typical vertical video of 720x1280.

OS: Windows 7

I CAN use export once after restart of computer. However the export continue to 99% and then report a fail. However the exported video works fine. But this fail seems to store some flag in the system, that prevents further export of shotcut until I restart the PC. Restart of PC makes export work again. Restart program do not.

If I try to export once again the export will not proceed further than about 20 % into the process. This will be the same if I try another video to export or restart the program.

Occationally I might get an export after restart of PC, with an OK responce from the export job. Then I can export once more without restart of PC.

This status after an export job have finished with failed (at 99%) or OK status - this have been the same for me with the old version. But this failed status did never made it impossible to export fully again before now.

I have stored the log files from the different situations, if you like to see them.

I hope some guys can help me on this - thank you.

I got this extra information. When a video is generated with a job failed at 99 %, then the last part of the log files gives this information:

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the application’s support team for more information.
[AVIOContext @ 0000000008f2bb00] Statistics: 4 seeks, 27 writeouts
Failed with exit code 3

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