Export issues Project missing image


I’m trying to export my file that I’ve been working on it forever literally. I originally had problems with audio lagging so I changed it to 720 it seemed to solve the problem. Now trying to export the file it says project is missing some images. I had some problems when I first started the project (as I had moved the files) so I deleted them and restarted. But now I’m unable to export the project, and I need it asap :frowning: I have closed shotcut several times as suggested but have had no luck. PLLLLLLEEEAAAASSSSEEE HELP

The latest version 21.03.21 lets you ignore the warning at export so you can still export it, but you might get video that says INVALID whenever there is something missing. Or maybe the missing pieces are hidden or just in playlist. When you reopen the project, it shows you a list of missing files where you can fix it by locating them or replacing them. Why not do that?

Thank you very very very much. You’re a life saver!!! Took me some time to locate all the different files, but finally got it to work. Greatly appreciate your help. Have a wonderful weekend :smiley:


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