Export is stuck at 4%

Hey there, I’ve tried exporting a file from ProRes into mp4, and every time I try to export, the job is stuck at 4%. The log says “wrong picture data size” and “error decoding picture header,” among other things. Is there something I’m missing? I’ve used the source videos for exports many times, and it’s worked fine until yesterday/today. I’m not sure what I’m doing differently other than adjusting the quality.

Thanks for any help you’re able to provide!

I’m having a similar problem. I have a video project I’ve been working on. I went through a few versions first, but I had to export them and watch them outside of the editor to see the flaws properly. So I went in one more time and fixed the problems I saw, and now when I try to export it, it gets stuck at 55% or somewhere around there. I’ve tried multiple times seeing if certain settings or whatever might help, but I’m having no luck. If someone could help me out with this I’d greatly appreciate it.

Are either of you exporting long videos? Around an hour or so? Understand that encoding is not a linear process, so the bar could go up to any percentage in a short amount of time and take longer at others. If it stays for longer than several hours then it probably really is stuck. I would try reinstalling Shotcut and exporting your videos to a different directory…

Another issue might be that there is little free space on your C: or whatever drive. Remember that ~1 hour of video is ~13 gb of data, and things start to get wonky if your hard drive is more than ~80% full. So if the results of your video may go over the limit of your drive, then most likely it would be causing this problem. Try clearing up enough space so that your video has enough room to stay under ~80% on your drive.

I hope this helps or that it’s enough. If problems still persist then it is most likely an issue with Shotcut itself and we’ll continue from there.

My video is 12 minutes long. I don’t know what the problem is because it worked when I exported it the first three times, and when I tried it on the fourth version it wouldn’t export anymore. I’ve tried reinstalling it, but it still does the same thing.

Lauren, thanks a bunch! That was it, the file size. I let it go overnight, and came back to a finished export. Thanks for your help!

@Patrick_McInerney Glad that it worked :slight_smile:

@Jacob_Westberg I’m sorry that it still happens but I don’t know what else it could be. I can never reliably reproduce export errors. Sometimes the issue is with a project file though. You can try loading your .mlt as a seperate clip into a new project and export from there, or you might have to start over. I’m not sure.

I have a very important project in school which is due tomorrow, I picked this editing software since it had nice reviews. I made a 5 mins long video for 2 HOURS but when i exported it, it was stuck at 1% I replayed it over and over, it didn’t do anything.