Export is not same as preview render

Windows 10 - Shotcut 18.09.15

When I do something in video track 2 like creating a text filter using multiple rows of spaces to create a white box to blank out the lower right corner of video track 1 (to mask some information there I don’t want to share) for about 20 seconds, Shotcut renders the white box (text) correctly when I preview that part of video track 1. However, after I’ve exported it, the resulting video does NOT display the white box (text) for that 20 second portion of the video.

I get similar results when I use other filters as well. I have viewed several YouTube videos about this topic, but something must be missing somewhere. Help, please!


Not quite sure your approach to masking is the easiest, but this method is easier.

  • File - Open Other - Color (Pick the color you want to mask with)
  • Drag from Source Viewer to V3 (or any track above what you want to mask)

Example 1:

Example 1 after export

Example 2:

Example 2 after export

Thanks for your reply!

Unfortunately, the problem does not seem to lie in creating filters, etc. As my follow-on message notes, it seems to be more a problem related to Export NOT exporting the various composite and filter changes to the original main video track.


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