Export is not possible at all


I wanted to export a video and after not finding any solution I looked it up on youtube. Apparently, when other people click on “Export” they see Details and an “Export” Button. But when I click on it, it only shows the Export Help and I can not change or click anything.

Here is a screenshot of my problem: screensho-sotcut — ImgBB

Thank you in advance!

Either close the long list of presets by clicking on the heading triangles, or scroll down past the end using the scrollbar to the right of that panel.

Also, be wary of using Hardware Encoding. I you have problems with the resulting video it may be caused by this.

Your timeline window is not docked.
Move the window out of the way.

Or double-click the Timeline floating window title bar to dock it, or choose View > Layout > Restore Default Layout.

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