Export is either really slow or not working

I made a 16:05 long video, and I attempted to export at 4K with minimum specs for 4K on my pc.(I only filmed at 1080p, I heard from a video that it can help with compression issues so I thought I’d give it a try) 0% for 20-30 minutes and then it goes to 1% another 20-30 minutes later still 1% an hour later still 1%, if my math is correct that will take
Days to export. Now I tried to bump it back down to 1080p because idc anymore I just want this uploaded. Still. Same issue. Now I’m trying 480p, gets to 1% a little faster. But won’t go any more. I’ve seen some people having issues with codec but that whole thing makes no sense to me and I can’t find anything that can explain it to me in a way I can understand, I’ve uploaded 2 videos to my channel already with the same exact settings and I’ve also tried exporting a smaller clip in. 4k(which leads to a black screen and only audio so I can’t do it either way) but it works regardless. With the same settings. Is it possibly an issue with the way I edited? The only thing I did was some fade out/in audio starting and ending, text/popups, and Gaussian blur, I have done Gaussian blur in my previous video and that seems to be the only culprit I can think of, I’ve tried without it and still. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. And if it helps to know, it doesn’t tell me the estimated time on the export.
Specs if it helps
-intel i7 4790k 3.60Ghz(I believe 4 cores)
-16gb of ram
-windows 7

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