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I have a number of projects that contains several clips in a playlist. Each clip has a specific name that best identifies the clip. Is it possible to export each playlist item and still retain the custom name in the resulting video filename? I have searched the export options and can not understand how to export files with a custom name. When I click export, the default name is the original master video file. If I continue the export of each playlist item, the files will all have the main video name followed by a number at the end for each successive file.


Hi @Ron20
When you export you can modify that default name to whatever you want…

I understand that the default name can be modified on export but that is not what I am trying to do if I have several items in my playlist already named that I want to retain. For example, the main video file I was working on was named ‘X’. From this file, I created 20 clips and named them ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’ and so on. If I export each playlist item, the default file name will be ‘X’ and consecutive names will be ‘X-2’, ‘X-3’ and so on. If I rename the default to something else, I still am not using the custom playlist names. How can I export each playlist item so that the the resulting file name is the playlist name I have assigned?

Ah… Sorry. I see what you mean now.
I personally don’t see a way to do this, but maybe someone else will have a solution for you.

J’avais fait une demande comparable à l’époque, restée sans réponse.

I had made a similar request at the time, which remained unanswered.

The option ‘Keep the file name’ in the ‘Using SC to create proxies’ link you attached seems to be the answer to my question. This setting, however, is not displayed for me when I look at the export window. I am using version 20.11.28. Is there an additional step I need to complete to display this setting? If this is not the answer to my question, I am still open to suggestions on how best to export my playlist clips and still keep the custom names I have assigned. I would hate to export all my playlist clips and then go back and rename the resulting files back to how they were named in the playlist.

C’est normal, il s’agit d’un montage photo pour expliquer ce que je suggérais.

It’s normal, it’s a photo montage to explain what I was suggesting.

Were you able to find a solution to this? I have also created a playlist of clips with custom names and would like to export each play list item with the custom name. The suggestion by Namna seems perfect but also doesn’t show up in my project.

Hello @mrunivar

You may want to read this discussion.

Thank you so much @Hudson555x for the re-direct, looks like it is already in the works. Fantastic!

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